Pet Care Services

All of our services are tailored to suit your pets individual needs. Ask us for more details!


Dog Walks

1 hour - £15

30 mins - £9

All walks are conducted on a 121 basis to give each pooch the dedicated time they deserve. On/off lead options.

*2nd dog from same household - £8/£5


At-Home Enrichment Sessions

45 mins - £12

Designed for those dogs who struggle in the outside world, or who simply want something fun to do! These sessions allow them to feel safe at home whilst keeping their brains active. Activities can include: at-home agility; trick training; play sessions; basic scent-work games


Puppy Home Visit

1hr + follow up report - £50

Getting a new Puppy? Our package includes a 1 hour visit to find out how to puppy proof your home, and a follow up report outlining all the essential points for puppy care, including diet, exercise & routine